Arabic Majlis Sofa

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July 7, 2018
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Arabic Majlis Sofa

arabic majlis sofa dubai

The traditional Arabic Majlis Sofa is essentially a floor seating and is occasionally slight elevated from the floor level on a wooden frame. We have the most perfect fabrics fit for the traditional Arabic Majlis Sofas. With exquisite designs, embroideries and prints in our collection we can provide the perfect upholstery solution for your Arabic Majlis Set.

The term Majlis is also used to refer to a private place where guests, usually male, are received and entertained. Frequently, the room has cushions place around the walls where the visitors sit. either with the cushions place directly on the floor or upon a raise shelf. Dubai

In many Arab homes, the majlis is the meeting room or front parlor use to entertain visitors. In Dubai, the decoration of the majlis in the home is often the responsibility of the women of the house. who either decorate the area themselves or barter with other women to do it for them. So we offer the best decorative and designative Arabic Majlis Sofas . Please just contact with us.

We are ready not only to develop a unique interior. but also to fill it with unique furniture created specially Arabic Majlis Sofa for you. Our designer invents furniture items with family signs. Such furniture will reflect the individuality of the owner.

You can either buy yourself some of the comfortable pattern Arabic Majlis Sofa .Or take existing  furniture you already have and decorate it with accessories and cushions to give it that Arabian feel. Floor cushions are also a very popular and traditional alternative, and make for very relax seating.

Wooden furniture in Arabic countries is usually embellish with intricately carved designs and inlays of precious woods or mother-of-pearl.  Instead of tables, large brass trays with foldout supports are use for serving tea and coffee. Arabic Majlis Sofas are also so common furnitures in Arabic culture .

Carved wood is another important element of arabic interiors: decorative panels on walls, shutters on windows and room dividers are present in almost every Arabic-them room.

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