How to Hang Curtains ?

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July 7, 2018
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October 16, 2019
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curtains fabric

How to Hang Curtains ?
5 Ways To Pick The Length Of The Curtains For Your Home.
Curtains are one of the essential home decors and choosing the best style that fits your interior is important. Modern day’s curtains are specially designed to enhance the beauty of the home. When it comes to curtain installation many people do not consider length as a factor. Factors like fabric, color, and blinds etc are the things when it comes to choosing curtains. The length of the curtain plays an important role in adding style to the interior of the home. Choosing and installing in an exemplary way can exclusively transform your house. Services of Curtain installation Dubai can help you customize your home with the perfect set of curtains and style.
Here are the ways to pick the length of the curtains for your home:
1. At the window sill
Curtains are mostly preferred longer than window sill that is the bottom part of the window but in some cases keeping their length same as window length is also good. Kitchen spheres are mostly designed with this length of Curtain to prevent them from accidental fire.
2. Below the Apron
The idea of curtains below the Apron is not mainstream fashion for home decors. But the Window Curtains of this style is pretty for short and ocular windows and if fixed in a precise design intensifies the vision of the place.
3. Hovering above the floor
Window curtain of this custom is pretty for short and ocular windows. The Curtains are just an inch above the floor and edges of the drapes do not touch the floor. They add a classic and elegant look to your interior using the correct fabric and color of the curtain. You can also hire Curtain Fixing Dubai services for professional fixing and setting curtains.
4. Brushing the floor
Curtains that are brushing the floor are often popular and are used to add minimalist fashion to the home decors.
5. Breaking at the hem
Breaking at the hem Curtains are popular and best suited for your resting rooms and creates relaxed and spacious surrounding in the room. Installing them in a correct is also important. Many Curtain Fixing Services in Dubai also provide professional handyman services to help you fix curtains at your home.
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