Curtain Shop Dubai

Curtains Dubai

Curtain Shop Dubai

Curtains Dubai Being a specialty and our unique selling point. A.H Furniture deals in an surprising impressive collection of curtains dubai . First of all our designs you’ve never seen before and all of them are unique .  A selection diverse that can cater to all your need for your space.

Textiles are the cornerstone of comfort operations. So it comes as no surprise to find the company’s curtains collections at the heart of homes everywhere.

Therefore, these exclusive curtain designs allow interior decor trends to be expressing through a inviting variety of prints and plains. All augmenting by the treasures of the Extra Curtain portfolios in Dubai.

Curtains Dubai

We provide the best quality Curtains Dubai. Design and materials for curtains and drapes fabric that you will find in the entire city. Not only do we stock an extensive collection of fabrics, we also have available an abundant supply of colors to choose from.

Please check the link below and decide the type of the curtains as you wish .

Types of Curtains for the Home

List of our Curtain types;

Blackout Curtain Dubai

Blackout Curtain Dubai Refers to a foam-backed, opaque fabric use to black out light. Blackout fabrics are most commonly find in hotel rooms as curtain linings or drapery fabrics, blocking much of the light that would otherwise enter through a window when the curtains are closing. For travelers, third shift workers, and parents of babies, blackout is an essential element in the bedroom. Besides window coverings curtains, other uses for blackout fabrics include wallpaper, wall carpeting, movie projector screens.

Chiffon Curtains Dubai

Chiffon Curtains are most commonly use in evening wear and curtains, especially as an overlay, for giving an elegant and floating appearance . It is also a popular fabric used in curtains and lingerie.

The best quality, design and materials for curtains and drapes fabrics

The most important factor when selecting curtains is the materials they’re construct from. A curtains material serves lots of purposes beyond being decorative. Thinner materials are using to create sheer or semi-sheer materials . While thicker materials are using in semi-opaque and blackout curtains. Depending on the materials, the curtains may also possess additional features as well.

Plain Curtain Shop Dubai

With a wide selection of attractive colors to choose from. You are sure to find perfect plain curtains to blend seamlessly with your traditional or contemporary decor. A choice of eyelet and pencil pleat style hanging also makes it easy to find beautiful plain curtains. To suit your tastes and fit your window space.

Roman Shades – Curtain Shop dubai

Roman Shades Curtains Are a type of window covering use to block out the sun. It is different from standard window shade in that they stack up evenly when being opened. Usually they are used in room where meetings, Majlis in Arabic, are organised, specially in Moroccan Majlis. However, when they are open they are visibly smooth. not bumpy like typical vertical shades or blinds.

Sheer Curtain Dubai

Sheer Curtain are commonly use for sheer fabric is in curtains, which allows for sunlight to pass through during daylight, not like sunscreen blinds. While maintaining a level of privacy. Due to the loose weave in sheer fabrics curtains offer little heat insulation. However, when it is lighter on the inside of a room than it is on the outside. After that, the inside of the room can be seen from the outside.

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