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Roman Blinds Dubai

Roman Blinds Dubai are like any other vertical blinds. But come with the add benefit of giving the appearance of curtains. We offer roman blinds dubai in any of the fabrics available for curtains. Roman blinds form sleek vertical folds in the upward direction and give a uniquely tasteful look to any room.

You can order roman blinds in any fabric of your choice. Chiffon, silk, jacquard or chenille and choose to have them sewn with standard or blackout lining. Whichever design, pattern or fabric you order, our blinds are sewn to the highest standards and are deliver in the minimum possible time frame. However, You will have an endless variety of patterns and colors to choose from so you can find the perfect matching blinds either Roman, Roller or Sunscreen and curtains for your windows.

If you are opting for a more luxurious feel to the room. You can choose your patterns from velvet, silk, chenille, organza or chiffon. Or if you want a cozier look to your rooms. You can go for lighter linens or cottons that are available in our collection. Our roman shades are available with the most easy to handle cord mechanisms. And that allows you to alter the cover area for your windows according to your preference.

Different Roman Blinds Dubai Styles

It’s easy to see why roman blinds Dubai have become such a popular and stylish window addition. And that in its own way just tops off the finishing look to any newly decorat home interiors. Coming in a mixture of fresh vibrant colours and intricately design patterns. So these blinds make for extremely detail and eye catching window embellishments that compliment a rooms overall look. And style which is sure to make them a key talking piece when visitors are around .

If you want to bring a bit of classic roman blinds Dubai style into your home there are a variety of different styles available to you to try something a little different. Rather than simply coming in their standard style of flat blinds roman blinds also come available in both relax and hobbl styles, so if you’re scratching your head what the differences between each one then here is a small helpful guide to fill you in.

Flat Roman Blinds Style

Style one is the flat roman blinds, these are a standard style of roman blinds Dubai.  that are available in many specialist blind stores across the Dubai both locally and online. These blinds in particular are pleate in measure sections. And that is Meaning when drawn they can be evenly adjust to the desire length with ease. And as the blind is raise each pleat folds within itself creating a tidy, simplistic and fuss free look.

Relaxed Roman Blinds Dubai Style

Moving onto style two which like the name implies these. “relax roman blinds Dubai” are exactly as they look, in comparison to the standard flat roman blind that are very linear in its look the relaxed style of blind is slightly the opposite. At either side of this blind in particular where the pleate sections gather when drawn. A loose crescent shape drape is form in the middle creating organic folds in the fabric. That make for a very elegant and sophisticate look that mimicking the effect you can achieve with stylished curtains.

Hobbled Roman Blinds Dubai Style

Lastly style three is the “hobbled” style of roman blinds Dubai. This set in particular is slightly different from both the relax and standard flat blind types. Being a much more intricate type of roman blind they are often refer to as a waterfall blind. This is simply because of the number of drape “waterfall like” folds that are create and maintain whether the blind is either drawn upwards or lower down in the chosen window space.

Now that we’ve cover all three roman blinds dubai styles. It’s intriguing to know the unique qualities to each of these stylish roman blind looks. And this may give you inspiration to come up with fresh ideas as to how you could bring them into your own home. All three is sure to compliment any interiors styling you choose whether vintage shabby chic to much more modern and sophisticate styles. On the other hand We hope you found this roman blinds dubai styles guide helpful. And finally with such variety of styles to choose from the possibilities are endless.

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